Traveling to new horizons

Let the journey begin…

As you already know, photography is my greatest passion and it combines well with another hobby of mine – travelling. And it’s not only because there is a lot of work for my camera abroad. What matters is the experience you get. Being inside that special atmosphere, new and intriguing for each country, learning local ways, trying on different rhythms of life… You can’t get all that by sitting on the couch! There is so much to see in this world! So many places I’ve never visited and so many I want to visit again! Where should I start from? Let’s try Paris…

From photography to painting

This city doesn’t need any introduction. Its name speaks for itself. If I had to describe it in three words, I’d pick:

  • Elegance
  • Romance
  • Art

Yes, it’s Paris where I fell in love with fine art. It all started as you would expect – I visited the Louvre. Of course, we all know most of the paintings displayed there – from the books or from the web. But I’m telling you, it’s quite another thing to see them with your own eyes! I was especially impressed with Impressionists (pun intended). Works by Claude Monet and Pierre Renoir blew my mind! These people knew how to treat color and light, I thought walking from picture to picture. Too bad I can’t afford to hang ‘Sunrise’ or ‘Blue Dancers’ on my own wall! But there is always another way…

How to paint Paris

I stumbled upon his paintings while googling. The artist’s name is Leonid Afremov, he’s a modern impressionist running his own gallery online. So I hit the link and the first thing I saw was a cityscape depicting the Eiffel Tower, surrounded by flying colors and bright lights. I just got back from my trip to France and the image stuck me with its freshness. It was so… Paris! Leonid Afremov is definitely one of the best cityscape artists of nowadays! Speaking about cityscape art, it is a really challenging genre! You think all it takes it simply to copy a nice view on the canvas? Oh, it’s much more than just that! Instead of showing the world to people as it is, you need to guide them into finding their own way of seeing it – just like Mr. Afremov does. That’s why I bought that cityscape! Modern art is an open dialogue between the artist and the viewer. You are welcome to take part in it!

image (3)

How it all started

You know, I didn’t plan to become a photographer. It happened by accident. My folks wanted me to study finance and used all their savings to get me into a private college. Perhaps if they wouldn’t have, things had never taken a turn like that. I wouldn’t have met Irene. I was secretly in love with her for two years, but I couldn’t pull up my courage and tell her about my feelings. Irene studied journalism and wrote for a local newspaper. Once my buddies heard her asking around for a photographer to cover one of her interviews and gave her my number. Talk about a friendly favor 🙂 Of course, I couldn’t say no, not to Irene! So I borrowed a camera from my roommate and flew off to meet the love of my life. Unfortunately, Irene turned out to have a boyfriend. But fortunately, I turned out to have a knack for photography! The shots were really great and I kind of liked taking them. A new hobby is just what you need after heartbreak! I decided to stay at Irene’s newspaper and was finally able to get over my obsession. We are now good friends and she helps me a lot with my stuff. Once I’m done with college, I hope to work for serious editions like Right now it seems like a dream that has little to do with reality… But time will show!

Hi guys!

I’m Alan Graham, just a regular guy looking to make friends in the web. It’s a lovely autumn in Ohio this year! The light is so dreamy and the colors are bright as ever. My camera is clicking non-stop. Yes, I’m a photographer, the keeper of precious moments. There are hundreds of those in my collection. When people see my pictures, they wonder how I happen to turn up in the right time and in the right place. What they don’t get is that any time and any place is right. You just need to open your eyes and let the world in. You won’t believe how much you’re missing…